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One-to-One Advice

Looking for insights from industry insiders? We offer one-to-one mentoring with a range of professionals working for companies in your field of interest, allowing you to gain on insider view on the industry. Our team can help with specific topics from CV or portfolio preparation right through to more general questions on striking a healthy work-life balance or finding the right career path.

Group Workshops

Want to peer under the hood of an industry, or learn a little more about a specific topic before applying for jobs? Our group workshops offer the chance to do exactly that. Please see here to view and sign up for our workshops. Help applying for Paid Internships

Well-planned and ethically paid internships offer a good opportunity to gain experience for your CV and sharpen your professional skills. Our team can help you identify such opportunities, and also help you with your application process.

CV and Portfolio Workshops

Even the best CVs and portfolios can be strengthened by having a second pair of eyes look over them. Our team is made up of senior managers from some of the most selective companies in Berlin – people who read hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of job applications each year. You can use their experience to identify ways of making a CV or portfolio stand out, so that you stand the best possible chance of landing that first interview.

CV update

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Interview Preparation

Let’s be honest, job interviews can be both exciting and scary, and sometimes both at once. Having an idea of what kind of questions an interviewer might ask, along with gaining insight into what the interviewer is trying to understand from their question can be a great way to both sharpen your answers and also gaining confidence before the big day itself.

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